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sooo i was seeing a raura video & their were clips of r5 at a concert and ross was saying he was in love once and riker was saying ” i think i know who but i don’t know if you were in love ” then idk what rydel said
Then ross was like ” it was something special” :// ❀ noww im just wondering whooo it is

It’s not maia cause they said she’s Italian but it’s not laura cause she’s 23 soo ..ugh

Heey guys im back o: i just couldn’t wait anymore longer πŸ’• omg 2014 is going amaz-balls :DD Austin and ally movie! !!!!!!!! O gosh all my dreams are coming true except raura still has to happen i also saw season four is confirmed! !!!!! ❀yaaaaay but yaaaa can’t wait for this movie :333 
Ohhh i forgot thanks for 600+ followers :* thank you!

Bye Guys

Since i feel really guilty and i wish i had never seen those spoilers. .I’m gonna take a break from tumblr and the hashtag raura on instagram. If anything major auslly and raura happens i guess i’ll find out when i return , which will be in 8 or 7 weeks . Guys stop posting or reposting it . It hurts our chances of s4 . Weren’t we trending it worldwide? Trying to get views? For what? So we can post spoilers and losing our chances of getting another season. Hopefully people take them down and realize how it affects our chances. Well bye guys see you in a few weeks.

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